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August 18, 2013


by Adam Famularo

From the beginning of time teamwork was one of the earliest innovations that led us to developing into the society of today.

The nature of how we work together has changed.  Teamwork can be very different today as it doesn’t have to happen face to face. Actually most often it is done over phone, email or even using new social tools like Facebook or LinkedIn.

So how do we continue create the best teaming based environments even while we might not be working face to face with our colleagues.

Here are some thoughts on how I try to drive teamwork in today’s knowledge based global environment.

1. It all starts with trust, I start out by giving trust to everybody first and hope they reciprocate. I find this to be the fastest way to get things accomplished.

2. Try to develop trust across teams by celebrating small successes along the project that you are working on. There is nothing better than a successfully completed project to pull a team together.

3. Open up and share your goals with others, both personal and professional. This demonstrates that you are open to be vulnerable while aligning your goals to your colleagues.

4. Ensure that each team member is properly aligned and compensated in the success of the provided goals.

5. When choosing the team members it’s not just about the best person in each role but it is about how well they can work together with the other members of the team.  Choose your team wisely.

For the most part you will not have the ability to build your own team from scratch so when you inherit a new team, make sure you take the time to learn about each of the new team members. What motivates them, what are their goals and most importantly how do their skill set fit best into the team you are pulling together.  This team will lead to your overall success so ensure to choose wisely and do not be timid if change is necessary.

Good luck!


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