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June 24, 2014


Prospecting with a Sense of Humor

by Adam Famularo

This was by far one of the most creative prospecting emails that I have received in a long time. It did drive me to respond – to others looking to connect with new people, try using some humor.


I have tried to reach out a few times over the past week to go over your lead generation / prospecting strategies at CA Tech. I have not heard back from you and this tells me a few things:

1) You are all set with your current prospecting / lead gen strategies at CA Tech, and if that is the case please let me know so I will stop bothering you.

2) You are interested but have not had the time to respond.

3) You are being chased by a hippo and need me to

call Animal Control.

Please let me know which one it is as I am beginning to worry..

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you

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  1. Lloyd Bendell
    Sep 23 2014

    Ingenious… a simple message coupled with humour works best…it reaffirms that we’re all human!


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