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April 4, 2016

Transition Time

by Adam Famularo

When going through a career or life transition it always drives me to reflect back on accomplishments during time served, lessons learned and new friendships developed as we take continued steps forward to realizing our goals.

One leadership lesson that has followed me throughout my career – A sign of a great leader is how a team / organization performs after the leader has moved on to his/her next role.  This leadership lesson has driven me to ensure that when developing new teams the organization is empowered to be able to operate on its own and ultimately be able to survive long after I move on.  It also keeps me grounded in the realization that my job is to make this a better organization during my tenure in the role.

As I look back on my time at Verizon, I know that we pulled together the very best team, focused on developing our people, while pushing ourselves to do more than we ever thought was possible while having fun and ultimately winning in the marketplace.

Now on to my next challenge, where there will be a new team of people to develop, bigger goals to accomplish together and ultimately having fun and celebrating new successes together.

Here we go again…


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