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Partner On-Boarding

Adding a new partner into your sales ecosystem is a challenging concept that needs to be managed with purpose.  The biggest challenge is the time and costs that it takes to get a partner revenue contributing versus the expectations of management to deliver results today.

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Economics of the Indirect Channel

A question that comes up a lot lately is how do you breakdown the economic model in an enterprise software market that supports a channel partner business – here is my best attempt to demonstrate a look at the flow of margin.

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Try and Buy or Freemium business models are one of the fastest growing ways of distributing and selling software today – thanks in large part to apps that are sold or distributed through app stores and land on mobile devices. Read more »


Sales Channels

There are many different sales channels that you can use to grow your business.  If used effectively your sales channels can become a unique sustainable competitive advantage for your company. Read more »


Small to Mid-Market Software Business Model

There are many different business models that you can use to develop a successful business.  The one listed below is a favorite of mine in the small to mid-market software business. Read more »