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From the beginning of time teamwork was one of the earliest innovations that led us to developing into the society of today. Read more »


Long Term Thinking

Whether you are thinking about a business you are building or your professional or personal goals, we all need to start thinking more longer term then the next quarter or year.  If you think more longer term it will give you more flexibility in the decisions that you make to ultimately achieve your long-term goals. Read more »


Leading Change

When I went through Harvard Business School’s General Management Program, I was lucky enough to spend a day with John Kotter.  John was one of the most inspirational presenters on change and demonstrated that to be a great leader you need to be able to drive change within a corporation.  Here is my condensed view of John Kotter’s 8 steps to change. Read more »



Networking is a skill that needs to be embedded into our daily activities. Whether it is building relationships within or outside of our companies, it is critical that we develop relationships with people that we can leverage as our expert bench of knowledge. Read more »


Time Management

Managing ones time is the most important thing to work on throughout ones career. It is not just about how effective you are at work but also how you balance your time to be with your family, friends and other personal activities. Read more »


Competitive Advantage

Identifying your unique sustainable competitive advantage is the most overlooked and most important thing that you can do before bringing a new product to market. This will enable you to capture the most value from your customers while keeping your competitors at bay. Read more »


Business Fundamentals

Starting out with some business fundamentals, much of this you have probably learned during your careers.  I find it useful to look over these fundamentals as I take over a new business or start working on a new product or company. Read more »


First Blog…

My intent of starting a blog is to start to document my thoughts behind building successful businesses.  These thoughts will come from my experience in the IT industry as well as various boards that I serve on.

There is both an art and science to developing businesses and I hope that these thoughts would lead to further dialogue and encourage others to add their perspectives on ways to develop successful businesses.