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Transition Time

When going through a career or life transition it always drives me to reflect back on accomplishments during time served, lessons learned and new friendships developed as we take continued steps forward to realizing our goals.

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Spartan Racing for Business Professionals

Context: I am a 40 year old business executive that works anywhere from 60-70 hours a week and balances a family life with my wife and 3 daughters.  In an effort to live a longer healthier lifestyle I took up Spartan Racing about 4 years ago.  The results have been terrific, 15 races later, I have taken off 25 pounds of weight, dropped my cholesterol by 80 points and feel much better as I can now keep up with my kids.  The racing described below is not for Elite runners that are racing for time but for Competitive and Open class runners that are running to complete the race.

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Why Verizon

Now that I have completed my first 90 days at Verizon, I thought it would helpful for people to understand why I chose this next step in my career journey.  So here it goes…

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Career Journey

This has been the most rewarding summer in my professional career.  I was given the opportunity to develop the next phase of my career while bringing some real balance back in my life.

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Partner On-Boarding

Adding a new partner into your sales ecosystem is a challenging concept that needs to be managed with purpose.  The biggest challenge is the time and costs that it takes to get a partner revenue contributing versus the expectations of management to deliver results today.

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Prospecting with a Sense of Humor

This was by far one of the most creative prospecting emails that I have received in a long time. It did drive me to respond – to others looking to connect with new people, try using some humor.

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Economics of the Indirect Channel

A question that comes up a lot lately is how do you breakdown the economic model in an enterprise software market that supports a channel partner business – here is my best attempt to demonstrate a look at the flow of margin.

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TED 2014

Some of my take-a-ways from TED 2014 in Vancouver

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Try and Buy or Freemium business models are one of the fastest growing ways of distributing and selling software today – thanks in large part to apps that are sold or distributed through app stores and land on mobile devices. Read more »



From the beginning of time teamwork was one of the earliest innovations that led us to developing into the society of today. Read more »