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Why ERwin

For those of you who never heard of the ERwin software platform, it is the industry’s most powerful data modeling solution. ERwin gives IT professionals an intuitive graphical interface to model the database before they build it and acts as an information hub to share data definitions, rules and structures across the organization. ERwin has a 15-year rich history and is deployed across more than 75,000 organizations. But what’s most exciting is the role that ERwin is coming to play as the foundation for global Big Data initiatives.
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Transition Time

When going through a career or life transition it always drives me to reflect back on accomplishments during time served, lessons learned and new friendships developed as we take continued steps forward to realizing our goals.

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Partner On-Boarding

Adding a new partner into your sales ecosystem is a challenging concept that needs to be managed with purpose.  The biggest challenge is the time and costs that it takes to get a partner revenue contributing versus the expectations of management to deliver results today.

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Long Term Thinking

Whether you are thinking about a business you are building or your professional or personal goals, we all need to start thinking more longer term then the next quarter or year.  If you think more longer term it will give you more flexibility in the decisions that you make to ultimately achieve your long-term goals. Read more »


Time Management

Managing ones time is the most important thing to work on throughout ones career. It is not just about how effective you are at work but also how you balance your time to be with your family, friends and other personal activities. Read more »


Business Fundamentals

Starting out with some business fundamentals, much of this you have probably learned during your careers.  I find it useful to look over these fundamentals as I take over a new business or start working on a new product or company. Read more »